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Do you want to reduce the risk related to staffing selections or perhaps you can’t find professionals in the industry? Is it difficult to find enough time to go through the whole application process in Finland or abroad? Or is it challenging to predict the future?

We have helped over 200 of private and public health care organizations in these matters. We have over 5,000 health care professionals in our resource bank. Every day we receive tens of applications, of which we interview almost half. Several hundred of persons get a job through us every year.

The high percentage (about 85%) of customer retention and feedback from our customer surveys indicate that we have succeeded in our mission. Nine out of ten of our clients would recommend our services to their acquaintances.

For companies that are operating in Finland we offer employee leasing and recruitment services as well as outsourcing services; for companies operating in other countries we offer direct search and recruitment services.


MediPower provides you with support for challenging recruitment and enables you to better expand your search to other regions and countries. Your company’s decision makers will have more time to focus on their own core competence. MediPower has connections to thousands of professionals from among which you may find just the right one.

MediPower searches for an employee that is suitable for each task on behalf of its client. The search process begins with an assignment, which describes the job and the species the characteristics required of the employee being sought for it. The steps of recruitment are:

1. Specification of search criteria with client
2. Advertisement of job and search for candidates from resource bank
3. Processing of applications
4. Interviews and assessment of job seekers
5. Verification of backgrounds and references
6. Presentation of best candidates to client
7. Interviews by the client and possible competence tests
8. Client makes the decision on person to be hired

We charge only for actual recruitments.
Contact us and we’ll map out your needs together!